Here at gasfurnacepricesonline.com we are dedicated to informing consumers as to how much a typical installation of a gas furnace system is going to run you.  To that end we strive to cover the entire market in terms of brands and models to educate the masses as to what the total cost of installing these units will run.  Given that HVAC is such a localized business due to the size of the units and the difficulty to install them it is often quite difficult to get your hands on pricing information.  It is with this in mind that we start this gas furnace prices website.

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Gas Furnace Prices by Brand

When you get gas furnace pricing quotes from several different companies it will become quite obvious that the installation costs can vary quite widely.  There is almost no getting around this.  However, the cost of the actual unit itself, those shouldn’t vary much company from company so long as the following are the same:

  1. Quality of the Parts in the gas furnace
  2. Length of service and reputation of the brand
  3. How willing the consumers are to spend more money for a given brand or feature

When you look at the price of an average sized gas furnace (we are talking 80,000 BTU unit with a mid sized blower) we have found the following breakdowns to hold pretty true over time and models for the pricing as it relates to brand:

High end, Expensive Gas Furnace Brands:

  • Trane Furnaces
  • Lennox Gas Furnace
  • Carrier Gas Furnace
  • American Standard Gas Furnace

Mid end, Middle Priced Gas Furnace Brands:

  • Bryant Gas Furnaces
  • Amana Gas Furnace
  • York Gas Furnace
  • Heil Furnace
  • Rheem Gas Heater
  • Armstrong Furnaces
  • Goodman Gas Furnace
  • Sears Heating Systems
  • Coleman Furnaces
  • Ruud Gas Furnace

Lower End, Low Cost Gas Furnace Brands

  • Haier Gas Furnace
  • Comfortmaker Gas Furnace
  • Payne Gas Furnace
  • Frigidaire Gas Furnace
  • Gibson Gas Furnace

One Final Key Input To Note In Terms of Gas Furnace Pricing

Once you have selected the brand and model you are going to go with your for your home, there is one key thing that will affect the final pricing of the unit: the size of the new furnace.  Much like you see with other HVAC equipment like heat pumps, central air conditioners and the like, the larger the gas furnace unit you buy, the most it is going to cost.  Simply put, larger furnaces capable of outputting more heat are going to cost more money!