Trane Two-Stage XV90i Gas Furnace Price

Trane has one of the best reputations for quality and reliability in the industry and solid products like the Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace are the reason why.  This unit ranks high in customer satisfaction because it is reliable, efficient and designed to create a very comfortable home.  It has a 2-stage gas valve that runs on low – or about 60% — most of the time.  This helps maintain balanced, gentle heating.  When a boost in temperature is called for, the gas valve opens fully to meet the demand.  With the variable-speed blower, this furnace produces a customized indoor climate for all factors: heating and air conditioning, air quality and humidity control.

Here are other top features of the Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace for you to consider as you compare gas furnace prices and details.

93% AFUE is Energy Star qualified.

This furnace may be eligible for utility company rebates in your area.

2-stage burner and variable speed blower for optimal indoor comfort in all seasons.

Comfort-R mode increases dehumidification when air conditioning is running.

Requires 2-stage thermostat for full benefit of 2-stage burner.

Aluminized 1-piece primary heat exchanger is durable and effective.

Secondary heat exchanger is crafted from stainless steel to resist corrosion.

All components are rigorously tested for quality and durability.

Silicon nitride igniter.

Upflow/horizontal and downflow/horizontal models offered.

Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10-year limited warranty on all other parts.


How Much Does the Trane Two-Stage XV90i Gas Furnace Cost?

This is Trane’s second best furnace line and the pricing reflects that.  Excellent efficiency and comfort features are the trade-off for consumers looking for those features.  Here are several Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace price samples.

Trane-Two-Stage-XV90i-Gas-Furnace-price-post-picture58,000 Btu Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace: $1,349

76,000 Btu Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace: $1,499

95,000 Btu Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace: $1,779

114,000 Btu Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace: $2,059


Where Can I Buy a Trane Two-Stage XV90i Gas Furnace Online?

This furnace is sold exclusively through dealers who work directly with customers.  Only occasionally will one be found online at eBay – a returned item or an overstock.  The most cost-effective way to purchase the Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace online is to request 3 free estimates from local contractors who are authorized sellers and installers of Trane equipment.   This is a convenient way to get written estimates from pre-screened contractors who are ready to offer competitive estimates to secure your business.  There is no cost or obligation for receiving the estimates.



The Trane Two-Stage XV90i offers you the tools to tailor your home climate to your exact specifications.  It will keep your you and your family more comfortable year-round, no matter what the weather is like outside.  You’ll pay a bit more for the Trane Two-Stage XV90i gas furnace than you will from value-oriented lines, but if lower energy bills and excellent home comfort are top priorities, this one will deliver.

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    I’d like to get estimates on a gas furnace. Live in Falls CHurch VA

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    Hi Edgar!

    Please go here for quotes specific to your house and situation.