Gravity is Magnetism

Business Plan Business Plan Wellgate Fisheries Limited 2010, 28 November Saiful Islam Bablu ID:082011106 Articles Site number Executive Summary 2 The Business 3 Our Perspective

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3 Our Vision Enterprise Idea 3 Kind Of Control 3 Products PROVIDING 3 Control Of The Fishes

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5 Buyer Pain Details 8 Price Idea 9 Organization Structure 9 Detailed Program

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10 Place Place, Building And Design 10 Products Use For Fish Handling 11 Marketing Program 13

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Marketplace Analysis 13 Competitors Opponents 15 Marketing Strategy 16 Promotion Marketing

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Advertising 16 Distribution Channel 17 Pricing Strategy 18 Strategic Plan 18 Competitive Strategy

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18 Key Success Elements 18 Future Products And Services 19 Risk Management 19 SWOT Analysis

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19 Financial Program 20 Breakeven Analysis 20 Appendix 21 Seafood that was prepared have now been considered a popular sector since an extremely longtime.

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Freezing foods will be the second largest export segment of the economy. The substantial natural methods for sale in Bangladesh get this to market specifically encouraging for us to create spend. Export-oriented fish processing crops create Fresh Water layer On (FWSO), Seawater shell On (SWSO), shrimp products under the most sanitary and sanitary condition underneath the guidance, handle and guidance of dangerous qualified managing & processing specialists. Whatsoever ranges, directives and USFDA users of the European Towns regarding the production of iced meals are strictly implemented. Free manufactured seafood available in regional marketplace has generated the discontent on the list of buyers because of its unavailability in appearance that was proper. This unhappiness supplies a window of fantastic opportunity for hygienically packed and processed fish which pays the necessity of the clients. Shine Fisheries Private Limited.

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