Ducane 95V Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace Price

Ducane offers a good/better/best line of gas furnaces and the Ducane 95V two stage variable speed gas furnace is right at the top.  Ducane equips their flagship furnace with features that make it possible to precisely customize your home environment in every season.  The 2-stage burner and the variable-speed blower are the key to balanced, consistent temperatures as well as complete control of air quality and ventilation.  It will reduce humidity when the air conditioning is running, and if a humidifier is added to the system will do a better job of maintaining a comfortable humidity level when heating as well.

When you are comparing gas furnace prices and models, here are the features to keep in mind:

95% AFUE is Energy Star rated and may qualify for utility rebates or tax credits.

2-stage gas valve more effectively maintains temperature levels without noticeable fluctuation.

Hot-surface igniters are durable and dependable.

Variable-speed blower optimizes comfort in both heating and air conditioning mode.

“Soft” starts and stops produce quieter, more gentle operation.

Aluminized primary heat exchanger is weldless and S-shaped for improved efficiency.

Aluminized steel in-shot burners are durable and reliable.

Unitized cabinet construction offers better stability.

7 models available from 40,000 Btu to 125,000 Btu.

Heat exchanger is backed by a lifetime limited warranty; all other covered parts are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.


How Much Does the Ducane 95V Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace Cost?

Here are several Ducane 95V two stage variable speed gas furnace price samples for you to use in comparing this furnace to others under consideration.  These are among the most affordable 2-stage, variable-speed 95% AFUE furnaces available.

Ducane-95V-Gas-Furnace-Price-post-picture60,000 Btu Ducane 95V gas furnace: $1,169

80,000 Btu Ducane 95V gas furnace: $1,229

100,000 Btu Ducane 95V gas furnace: $1,319


Where Can I Buy a Ducane 95V Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace Online?

Some large wholesale suppliers have these furnaces in stock, so you may find them on eBay in limited quantities or models.  If you have an installer lined up, that’s your best bet for locating a Ducane 95V.  If you also need a reliable contractor to install your new furnace, a better choice might be to request 3 free estimates online today.  The service provides written, competitive estimates from heating and air conditioning contractors in your local area who are authorized to sell and install Ducane products.  They have been pre-screened for your convenience.  There is no cost or obligation, and you’re always free to seek other estimates.


This is Ducane’s top of the line gas furnace, well-built for years of workhorse service and a comfortable indoor climate.  It is a good choice for homeowners in moderate to cold regions who want to lower their energy costs significantly.  It is also a popular choice for advocates of a green lifestyle who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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