Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace Price

Coleman has revamped its HVAC division in the last decade and now consistently turns out quality products like the Coleman Comforteer single stage model TG9S gas furnace.  This unit is compact and dynamic at just 33” tall, making it easier to install in a small utility closet or crowded space.  With 95.5% AFUE, it helps homeowners reduce their heating costs by as much as 25% when it replaces an older gas furnace.  It’s also a very affordable furnace when compared to other high-efficiency gas furnace prices.  Here are the top features of the Coleman Comforteer TG9S for your consideration.

95.5% AFUE is Energy Star rated.

Tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger is efficient and very durable.

Single-stage gas valve and single-speed motor are reliable and contribute to lower equipment costs.

Hybrid-compatible: The Coleman Comforteer TG9S can be matched with a compatible central air conditioner or heat pump.

33” cabinet is compact and provides more installation options.

Multiple sound-reducing features produce low db operation.

Lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty; 10-year limited warranty on all parts. Extended warranties are available.


How Much Does the Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace Cost?

This is a very affordable furnace for the level of efficiency it offers. These Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S gas furnace price samples will give you an idea of what your costs may be.  Prices vary from dealer to dealer and sometimes from season to season.  Here are prices we’ve recently noted through monitoring the market for the Coleman Comforteer TG9S.

Coleman-Comforteer-model-tg9s-Gas-Furnace-Price-post-picture40,000 Btu Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace: $1,189

60,000 Btu Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace: $1,239

80,000 Btu Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace: $1,299

100,000 Btu Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace: $1,359

130,000 Btu Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace: $1,399


Where Can I Buy a Coleman Comforteer Single Stage Model TG9S Gas Furnace?

You might find this gas furnace available on eBay and some national wholesale dealers carry it in limited quantities. That can be a good choice if you plan to install the furnace yourself. If you would prefer to get an estimate for the cost of the equipment plus installation, requesting 3 free estimates online is a quick and convenient way to expedite the process.  The heating and air conditioning contractors are local to you and they have been pre-screened to make your job easier.  The written estimates are typically very competitive and they are offered with no cost or obligation.



This is one of the best values on the market today.  It offers an attractive balance between low equipment costs and efficient performance that will keep energy costs under control.  The Coleman Comforteer TG9S gas furnace is popular with homeowners, property owners and builders because of its price and efficiency. If you want high-efficiency and low cost, and a single speed fan is sufficient for your needs, this furnace delivers unsurpassed value.

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    80 btu furnace,3.5 ton air,need prices on purchase and installed, 1300 sq ft modal home. replacing old coleman of 20 yrs and 3 ton air of 10 yrs

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    Please go here for quotes specific to your house and situation.