Rheem Classic Series 95% AFUE with Dual Comfort Control, 2-Stage Downflow/Horizontal RGTM Gas Furnace Price

The Rheem Classic RGTM 95% AFUE furnace is efficient and affordable, designed to make your home more comfortable.  It features a 2-stage burner and a variable-speed blower.  The benefits of this combination include gentler heating (and cooling, with a 2-stage AC), better air filtration and humidity control.  These advantages occur because the burner runs on low approximately 70% of the time and the blower matches that by running on a slower speed.  The unit runs longer during each cycle to produce more balanced heating and air conditioning.

The air cycling longer passes it through the air filter more frequently, adds humidity more effectively if a humidifier is installed, and removes more humidity during the cooling season.  You’ll enjoy a more comfortable climate with this unit than with a single-stage furnace without a variable-speed blower.  You’ll pay more for this one than a furnace with basic performance, but its advantages may make it worthwhile to you.  Next we list the top features of the Rheem Classic Series Dual Comfort Control, Downflow/Horizontal RGTM furnace before giving price samples and information about purchasing the Rheem RGTM online.

Rheem-gas-furnace-prices-picture95% AFUE, an Energy Star furnace.

2-stage burner and variable-speed blower to maximize comfort.

Compact design makes installation easier with more choices of location.

Downflow or horizontal installation designed for attics or first-floor utility rooms.

2 heat exchangers produce the higher efficiency.

Heat exchangers are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion and wear.

Gas line, wiring and condensate drain can be connected on right or left side, depending on installation.

Insulated panels, slow-opening gas valve and innovative inducer motor reduce operating noise.

Models available from 60,000 Btu to 105,000 Btu

Lifetime heat exchanger warranty; 10-year unit replacement warranty if the heat exchangers fail in the first 10 years; 10-year parts warranty.  This is one of the better furnace warranties in the industry.

How Much Does the Rheem Classic Series 95% AFUE RGTM Gas Furnace Cost?

Rheem makes an affordable product, even with its quality parts and performance features, making it a very good value.  Our Rheem Classic Series 95% AFUE with Dual Comfort Control, 2-Stage Downflow/Horizontal RGTM Gas Furnace price samples will help you compare this model to other gas furnace prices for models you are considering.

60,000 Btu Rheem Classic RGTM Gas Furnace: $1,699

80,000 Btu Rheem Classic RGTM Gas Furnace: $1,899

105,000 Btu Rheem Classic RGTM Gas Furnace: $2,099

Where Can I Buy a Classic Series RGTM Gas Furnace from Rheem Online?

You may find this model on eBay or the websites of furnace wholesalers, but not often.  It’s one of Rheem’s better lines, and best-selling lines, so it is typically sold by Rheem dealers directly to the customers.  The most affordable way to buy this unit is to request 3 free estimates online.  The written bids are supplied by local Rheem dealers who are competing for your business, assuring the lowest pricing in your area.  The companies are screened for you for quality control.  There’s no cost or obligation for using the service.


Rheem makes a quality gas furnace and this is one of their best. With 95% efficiency, it is best suited to cooler climates or for homeowners committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  In warmer climates, an 80% or 90% furnace might be more economical.  With the Rheem RGTM, quality parts are backed up by a good warranty.  Home comfort is assured with the 2-stage burner and variable-speed blower.  Keep in mind that this one is NOT designed for basement installation, though Rheem makes essentially the same furnace in an upflow/horizontal model. For affordable quality and comfort in cool climates, the Rheem RGTM is a very good choice.

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