Carrier Performance 96 Gas Furnace Price


Carrier makes 4 lines of furnaces and the Carrier Performance 96 is part of their second best line, just a step below the prestigious Carrier Infinity gas furnace.  The Performance 96 delivers high efficiency and affordable single-stage operation.  It doesn’t offer the precisely balanced heating that models with 2-stage burners do, but it does have a variable-speed blower so you won’t feel uncomfortable blasts of air.  Many homeowners don’t require the precision of 2-stage operation and would prefer to save the money on equipment costs.

This Carrier Performance 96 gas furnace price review first lists the unit’s top features so that you can compare it to other high-quality models.  Below, you’ll find pricing and information about how to buy the Carrier Performance 96 online.  Here are those features:

  • 95% efficient; Energy Star qualified.
  • Reliable single-stage burner fired by a PowerHeat ignition.
  • Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger.
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger with patented Serpentfuff coating for longer life.
  • Sealed combustion chamber reduces heat loss and noise.
  • Uses highly-rated Edge thermostat or other single-stage thermostats.
  • Variable-speed blower so the furnace comes on and shuts down gently.
  • Comfort Fan technology is quiet and efficient.
  • Upflow design for installation in basements.
  • Models from 40,000 Btu to 100,000 Btu.
  • Also known as the Carrier Performance UVB58 gas furnace.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty and 10-year and parts limited warranty.

How Much Does a Carrier Performance 96 Gas Furnace Cost?

Gas furnace prices for this model are higher than for some 95% efficient furnaces, but less than others.  In terms of Carrier furnaces, the Performance 96 is priced to be a good value.  Here are sample prices that will give you an idea of what your estimated costs  might be.

40,000 Btu Performance 96 furnace: $1,679

60,000 Btu Performance 96 furnace: $1,799

80,000 Btu Performance 96 furnace: $2,149

100,000 Btu Performance 96 furnace: $2,469

Where Can I Buy a Carrier Performance 96 Gas Furnace Online?

Very few Carrier products are available on eBay or from discount wholesalers online.  So the best way to buy one online is to request 3 free estimates online from Carrier dealers that are local to you.  All Carrier dealers are trained by Carrier and screened to ensure exception installation quality.  The bids are very competitive and there is no cost or obligation for requesting them.  You’ll receive 3 written, competing estimates and you can choose one of them or look elsewhere for a better deal.


This furnace does very well in consumer gas furnace reviews for efficiency and affordability.  It is popular in cool climates where furnaces are relied upon from fall into spring.  It will keep energy use and utility costs under control.  In warmer climates, you might consider a less efficient single-stage furnace.  Your equipment costs will be lower and where the furnace doesn’t run as much, utility costs may take a backseat to a lower price for the furnace.  In cool climates, for efficiency and value, the Carrier Performance 96 furnace is worth a close look.


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