What Are the Most Common Gas Furnace Repairs?

knowing what are the most common gas furnace repairs and their costs can help you plan ahead.  As your furnace ages, knowing what the cost of furnace repairs can also help you decide whether to continue to repair the furnace or to replace it.  Here are the most common gas furnace repairs along with an idea of how much they cost.

General Furnace Repair Costs

All HVAC systems have electrical components, duct work and other general parts that need maintenance and repair.  We’ll look at those first and then move on to furnace-specific repairs.  The costs listed include labor.

We should also note upfront that HVAC companies now typically charge a service call fee for coming to your home to diagnose the problem with your furnace. It has become the norm in most areas of the country.  The service call fee may be waived if significant repairs are made during the visit or if a contract is signed to have major repairs done or to have a new furnace installed.  The amount of the service fee varies and is often determined in part by the distance the service technician must travel to reach you.

Service Call Fee: $60-$120

General HVAC Repairs Under $200

Electrical repairs to circuits, relays and switches; drain pan and line cleaning; duct cleaning per each supply run; inexpensive thermostat replacement.

General HVAC Repairs Over $200

Condensate drain or pan replacement; expensive thermostat replacement; total system cleaning and maintenance.


Specific Furnace Repair Costs

Now we turn our attention to the cost of repairs for parts of the furnace, not the electrical system or the HVAC system in general.

Furnace Repairs Under $400

Replacement of hot surface igniter, main circuit /mother board, thermocouple, run capacitors, some blower motors and some gas valves.

Furnace Repairs Over $400

Replacement of draft inducer motor, high-end circuit boards, burners, heat exchangers, some gas valves and most blower motors.

What About Labor Charges?

The repairs we listed include the cost of the parts and labor.  However, for the replacement of parts that are covered by the warranty when labor isn’t covered, you will be charged a labor fee for the work.  Most furnace warranties cover parts for 10 years but labor for only 1 year.  After the first year, but before the warranty ends, you will have to pay the labor fee. Once the warranty ends, you’ll be responsible for both parts and labor. Labor rates vary based on many factors including the cost of living in your area.

Furnace repair labor rates: $50-$125 per hour.

Knowing Whether to Repair or Replace your Gas Furnace

As a furnace gets older and repairs mount, replacing it can be a more long-term cost-effective option.  At what point you decide to replace the furnace rather than repair it depends on your budget and how long you plan to live in the home.  There’s no definitive answer.  A rule of thumb for some homeowners is to replace the furnace if the age of the furnace plus the cost of the repair in hundreds of dollars is more than 20.  For example, if your 15-year old furnace requires $500 to repair, or 5 hundreds, that equals 20.  In older furnaces, one major repair often means that more might follow shortly and the money would be more wisely spent on a new furnace.

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, getting by with a repair might make more sense. If a significant repair is needed, ask the HVAC technician to look over the entire furnace and give you an evaluation as to its condition and the likelihood of more repairs in the near future.  That evaluation will also help you decide whether to repair or replace your furnace.

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