How Much Do Gas Furnaces Cost?

As you plan your HVAC system, you’re probably asking, “how much do gas furnaces cost?”  There is a wide range of costs for gas furnaces based on the quality, efficiency and performance of the gas furnace.  In this gas furnace guide, we break down the question and discuss what factors affect cost.  Then we give you gas furnace prices for several segments of the gas furnace market.

Factors Affecting Price

Capacity: Gas furnaces for residential installation range in sized form about 40,000 Btu to about 150,000 Btu.  All else being equal, the larger a furnace is, the more it will cost.

Quality: Most manufacturers make several lines of furnaces that vary in quality and therefore in cost.  For example, from their best line to their entry level line, Carrier furnaces are found in Infinity, Performance, Comfort and Base Series.

Efficiency: This is a measurement of how effectively the furnace uses the heat created.  Standard-efficiency gas furnaces are 80% efficient.  That means that 80% of the heat that is created enters the duct work of your home and 20% of it is lost out the vent.  Most gas furnaces on the market offer between 90% and 95% efficiency, while the most efficient are more than 97% efficient.  The more efficient the furnace is, the more it will cost.

Features: Furnaces have single-stage gas valves, 2-stage gas valves, and some have modulating gas valves.  A single-stage valve is either on or off.  It burns at full capacity to heat the home quickly.  A 2-stage gas valve runs on low capacity, which is 65% to 70%, most of the time.  This allows for gentler and more balanced heating. They run on full capacity when a significant boost in heating is required.  Modulating gas valves run between 25% and 100% capacity.  They deliver just enough heating to keep the home’s temperature consistent.  Very little temperature fluctuation is noticed with a  modulating gas valve.  If you guessed that single-stage valves cost the least, followed by 2-stage and modulating valves, you are correct.

Other factors that increase the cost of a furnace are the presence of a variable-speed blower, enhanced humidity reduction features, and communicating technology that coordinates system components in high-end HVAC systems like the Maytag M1200 Series, American Standard Platinum Series and the Carrier Infinity systems. The more and better the performance features, the more the furnace will cost.

Furnace Costs

We group gas furnaces by their level of efficiency: Standard efficiency is 80%; high efficiency is 90% to 94%; very high efficiency is 95% and above.  Efficiency is listed as AFUE which stands for Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency and measures how much heat is used versus wasted.  All the price samples we provide are for furnaces in the 80,000 to 90,000 Btu range.  The differences in the prices of the furnaces are based on the performance features they have as well as the general quality of the furnaces.

Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace Prices

80% AFUE, 90,000 Btu Payne PG8MEA gas furnace: $1,299

80% AFUE, 80,000 Btu American Standard Platinum SV Freedom 80 gas furnace: $1,429

80% AFUE, 90,000 Btu Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V variable speed gas furnace: $1,559

Industry average for standard efficiency gas furnaces in this size range: $1,000 to $1,800

High Efficiency Gas Furnace Prices

92% AFUE, 90,000 Btu Aire Flo CG92 Gas Furnace: 1,279

90% AFUE, 80,000 Btu Trane XT90: $1,359

92% AFUE, 80,000 Btu Carrier Base 90 furnace: $1,669

Industry average for high efficiency gas furnaces in this size range: $1,200 to $2,100

Very High Efficiency Gas Furnace Prices

95% AFUE, 92,000 Btu Goodman GMH95 gas furnace: $1,199

98% AFUE, 80,000 Btu Coleman Echelon Series CP9C Gas Furnace: $1,699

97% AFUE, 80,000 Btu Maytag M1200 Plus 97% Gas Furnace: $2,399

Industry average for very high efficiency gas furnaces in this size range: $1,500 to $3,000


These gas furnace prices will give you an idea of what to expect for the equipment costs when you get estimates.  We suggest that you request at least 3 written estimates and let the contractors know that you’re getting multiple bids.  They will offer you their best prices when they know that they are competing for your business with other local heating and cooling companies.


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