Carrier Performance 95 Gas Furnace Price

In the Carrier furnace lineup, the Carrier Performance 95 is part of the second-best series. It offers cost savings on equipment over the Infinity Series furnaces, with 95% efficiency and single-stage performance. It does have a variable-speed blower with ComfortFan technology to even out indoor temperatures and run more quietly much of the time. This is one of Carrier’s best values because you’ll pay less for the furnace than for Carrier’s 2-stage models and you’ll also enjoy fuel cost control provided by the high efficiency. If you want to learn more about this furnace, we list all the main features next and provide Carrier Performance 95 gas furnace price examples below.

  • 95% AFUE; Energy Star qualified.
  • Single-stage burner, variable-speed fan.
  • Model: Carrier Performance 58HDV.
  • Multipoise design for installation in any location.
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers for efficient, durable performance.
  • Supports all thermostats including the top-rated Infinity thermostat.
  • Models from 40,000 Btu to 120,000 Btu.
  • Lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty; 10-year parts limited warranty. Warranty is above average for industry.

How Much Does the Carrier Performance 95 Gas Furnace Cost?

A good value compared to the Infinity Series, you’ll still pay a bit of a premium over some 95% single-stage models because it’s a Carrier. You will enjoy long-lasting, quality performance from this model when it is properly installed by a qualified contractor. The good news is, the price of these furnaces has recently come down. Here are sample gas furnace prices for the Performance 95:
60,000 Btu Performance 95 furnace: $1,599
80,000 Btu Performance 95 furnace: $1,739
100,000 Btu Performance 95 furnace: $1,949

Where Can I Buy the Carrier Performance 95 Furnace Online?

This furnace is sold by some large online dealers, often in a complete split system along with a central air conditioner. If you intend to install the unit yourself or have an installer lined up, buying online this way is an option. Shipping prices can be high in some cases. You might save money by getting it online from a company in your area. This is a good option if you want to have the unit installed by a furnace professional. You can do this by requesting 3 free estimates online. The estimates come from local heating companies who compete for the job by offering the lowest estimates possible. There’s no obligation for using the service. All companies that handle Carrier furnaces are pre-screened for quality control over installation.


The drawback to the Performance 95 is the single-stage burner that offers on/off operation. If you would prefer a 2-stage burner for better indoor climate control, Carrier offers many models with this feature, though you’ll pay a bit more for them. For single-stage performance and a variable-speed blower fan, the Performance 95 is a good mix of quality, high-efficiency and value.

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