Best Priced Gas Furnace Systems 2012

This look at the best priced gas furnace systems 2012 is designed to help you find the best values on the market today.  There are cheap furnaces that aren’t worth looking at and this site doesn’t bother with those.  Then there are good furnaces that represent value.  That’s the type of furnace we are interested in as we put together this 2012 gas furnace guide.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not every furnace is right for every home.  A 97% efficient furnace isn’t a cost-effective choice for Florida but it might be for Maine.  Turn that scenario around with an 80% furnace.  In light of that, we break this guide down into 3 efficiency categories: Standard efficiency, 80% AFUE; Good efficiency, 90%-94%; High efficiency, 95% and above.  We list the top bargains in all 3 categories.

Best Gas Furnaces: Standard Efficiency

80% efficient furnaces are an economical choice for warm climates and part-time use.  These models cost 30% to 50% less than more efficient models which may translate into $300 to $1500 depending on the size of the furnace.  In warm climates, it would take a lot of years for a 95% furnace to pay you back through lower energy bills when your bills aren’t that high to start with.  The same is true for part-time furnaces.  Do you have a hunting cottage or vacation home, even in a cold climate?  If you’re only using it part-time, an 80% furnace makes sense.  Here are the best gas furnaces in this category in terms of value.

1. Payne PG8MEA Gas Furnace: This 80% efficient furnace is basic, reliable and very affordable. Good quality and long-term dependability produce excellent value in the Payne PG8MEA.

2. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace: This 80% furnace is part of Lennox’s best line but remains a good value.  It’s a good choice for those in warm climates who want an 80% efficient furnace but don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

3. Trane Two-Stage XV80 Gas Furnace: This is a solid furnace from one of the top brands in the industry.  It offers excellent comfort with a 2-stage burner and variable-speed blower.  You’ll save on equipment and still get outstanding climate control.

Best Gas Furnaces: Good Efficiency

Do you live where winters are cold but not brutally so most of the time?  Do you live in a very cold climate but are considering selling your home in less than 5 years?  This is the category that might make the most economic sense for you.  These furnaces cost less than high-efficiency furnaces but are efficient enough to help you keep utility bills manageable.  Here are 3 good values in this efficiency range.

1. Carrier Base 90 Gas Furnace: Carrier’s Base Series furnaces have the same 10-year parts warranty that their best furnaces carry.  That says something about the quality of this furnace.  It’s single-stage, single-speed and that means it’s priced lower than high-performance furnaces.  At 92% efficient, you’ll cut fuel costs in any climate.  It’s the best value in the Carrier lineup.

2. Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B Gas Furnace: 92.1% efficiency, a single-stage burner and very high quality combine in this Aire Flo furnace to make it a high-value model.  It’s made by Lennox and is backed by a good warranty too.

3. Trane Single-Stage XT90 Gas Furnace: No bells or whistles here – just 90% efficiency in a single-stage, single-speed workhorse of a furnace.  This is Trane’s best value in their entire lineup.

Best Gas Furnaces: High Efficiency

These furnaces are designed for those who rely on their furnaces starting in the fall and well into the spring.  Because of their high efficiency, they are also popular with homeowners who want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  All of these are priced right for those who want an affordable, quality gas furnace.

1. Goodman Multi-Position 95% AFUE GMH95 Gas Furnace: Across their entire product lineup, Goodman makes the best values in the industry.  They are high-quality furnaces backed by an excellent warranty.  This 95% efficient furnace will keep fuel costs under control during long, cold winters.

2.  Ducane 95V Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace: Ducane doesn’t have the name recognition of Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Lennox, etc.  They are working to change that with quality furnaces at affordable prices. This is a single-stage furnace, reducing the cost significantly.  It offers 95% efficiency and quality construction throughout.

3. American Standard Gold ZM Freedom 95 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Furnace: The efficiency on this furnace is 96.7%, so it will definitely hold down energy costs.  Part of American Standard’s second-best line, it costs less than a Platinum Series furnace and still possesses top-quality parts.  Its 2-stage burner and variable-speed fan will keep you warm and comfortable all season.


You can find reviews of all these furnaces and more on this site, along with gas furnace prices to compare with other models.  This list is a good place to begin as you look for the best values in today’s quality gas furnaces.

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