Amana GMVC95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace Price

The Amana GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace is part of a more affordable line from Amana that still offers high efficiency and good quality.  This is an Energy Star qualified furnace that will reduce heating costs by up to 30% in some homes, when replacing an older gas furnace. With a 2-stage burner and a variable-speed fan, the GMVC95 Distinctions furnace will help you create a very comfortable indoor climate. Our Amana GMVC95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE gas furnace price review gives you the details you need to evaluate this furnace for your home.  You’ll find features, pricing and information on how to purchase this furnace online.

  • 95% AFUE; Energy Star rated.
  • 2-stage burner, variable-speed blower for superior comfort control.
  • Aluminized steel dual-diameter heat exchanger is durable and efficient.
  • Compatible with ComfortNet Communications for coordinated component performance.
  • Auto-comfort mode for better dehumidification when a central AC is running.
  • This is an upflow/horizontal furnace; other positions are available.
  • Lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty with 10-year unit replacement if it fails in the first decade.
  • 10-year parts limited warranty on all other parts.

How Much Does the Amana GMVC95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace Cost?

As you can see, this is a quality gas furnace that comes with the security of one of the best warranties in the industry.  It costs more than some 95% furnaces, but is equipped with top of the line comfort features.  If you don’t require 2-stage heat or a variable speed blower, or would prefer to save money on equipment, there are numerous 95% single-stage, single-speed furnaces that cost less.  For premium home comfort however, this is a furnace well worth considering.  Here are current gas furnace prices for the GMVC95 Distinctions from Amana:

46,000 Btu GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace: $1,669

69,000 Btu GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace: $1,799

92,000 Btu GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace: $1,919

115,000 Btu GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace: $2,039

Where Can I Buy the Amana GMVC95 Distinctions Gas Furnace Online?

We have not been able to locate an online dealer that consistently carries the Distinctions line.  It turns up occasionally on eBay so you might find it there.  The easiest way to find the Amana GMVC Distinctions gas furnace on the Web is to request 3 free estimates online from dealers in your local area.  These are heating and air conditioning contractors that have been pre-screened for quality assurance.  They offer competing written estimates that typically yield the lowest prices available in your area.  There is no risk or obligation for accepting the estimates and the service is free.


Do you live in a cold climate and want to bring utility costs under control?  Are you looking for green technology for your home?  This furnace is a good choice in both cases.  It costs more than less efficient furnaces but in cold climates it will start paying you back quickly.  If home comfort and using less energy are both priorities, take a close look at the Amana GMVC95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE gas furnace.


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