Coleman LX Series TM9X Gas Furnace Price

The Coleman LX Series TM9X is part of Coleman’s second-best line, just behind the Coleman Echelon Series.  The TM9X offers Energy Star efficiency of 95% along with single-stage, single-speed performance.  This makes the unit a popular choice with consumers most concerned about saving money on the furnace and on their utility bills.  Those who prefer greater control of the indoor climate should consider Coleman Echelon gas furnaces or those from other brands that are equipped with 2-stage or modulating gas valves.

This Coleman LX Series TM9X gas furnace price post offers pricing as well as features and other details.  We provide the information so you can evaluate this furnace alongside others you are considering.  See our list of furnace price reviews for comparable models or those that offer greater indoor comfort at a higher price.

Top Features of the Coleman LX Series TM9X Gas Furnace

  • 95% AFUE Efficiency; Energy Star qualified.
  • Single-stage burner, single-speed blower for basic on/off performance.
  • Aluminized steel, tubular heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer.
  • Insulated cabinet reduces heat loss and operating noise.
  • Galvanized steel cabinet is corrosion-resistant and very sturdy.
  • Compact design makes this a good choice for areas where space is limited.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty; 10-year parts warranty. Average for the industry.

How Much Does the Coleman LX Series TM9X Gas Furnace Cost?

This furnace represents a very good value.  It’s very efficient so it will reduce heating costs in most homes, for some by as much as 30%.  In addition, because it is a basic single-stage, single-speed furnace, it doesn’t cost as much as those with enhanced performance features.  If lower cost and reduced utility bills are more important than precise indoor climate control, this is a cost-effective furnace to consider.  These gas furnace prices will give you a ballpark idea of what you can expect, though prices in your area may differ slightly.

60,000 Btu Coleman LX Series TM9X gas furnace: $1,259

80,000 Btu Coleman LX Series TM9X gas furnace: $1,349

100,000 Btu Coleman LX Series TM9X gas furnace: $1,489

Where Can I Buy the Coleman LX TM9X Gas Furnace Online?

You may find the TM9X online at large national dealers, but not consistently.  It’s sold mostly from Coleman dealers directly to their customers, along with installation.  However, you can always find this model online by requesting 3 free estimates online from dealers in your area who sell and install Coleman products. The service is free to use and you are not obligated to accept any of the bids.  However, with the way the service is set up, the written estimates are often very competitive.


Not every consumer wants to pay extra for the slight increase in home comfort offered by furnaces with staged heating and a variable-speed blower.  If controlling utility costs with the most affordable high-efficiency furnace is your focus, then the Coleman LX Series TM9X gas furnace might be just what you need.

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