Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace price 80% AFUE

The Payne PG8JEA gas furnace offers good performance at a very affordable price. It’s a low-NOx furnace that meets the most stringent air quality guidelines for states like California. It’s equipped with a single-stage burner but has a variable-speed blower that runs more quietly and offers more balanced heating. Because it’s an 80% furnace, it’s a good choice for mild and warm climates where 90+ efficiency isn’t as important.

In this Payne PG8JEA gas furnace price review, you’ll learn about the features this model offers along with pricing, so you can determine whether this furnace is a good value for you. See our list of gas furnace prices for other 80% models that might also meet your needs.

Top Features of the Payne PG8JEA 80% AFUE Gas Furnace

80% AFUE is not Energy Star rated.

Single-stage heating makes the furnace more affordable.

Variable-speed fan reduces cold air starts and runs more quietly.

Payne Control Logic technology can boost AC or heat pump efficiency by 10%-12%.

Dehumidification mode makes air more comfortable in the heating months.

Can be installed in a split system with an AC or a heat pump.

Furnace sizes range from 45,000-135,000 BTU models.

Lifetime heat exchanger and 10-year parts warranty are very good for a furnace in this price range.

How Much Does the Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Cost?

The fact that this is a single-stage, 80% furnace keeps the cost down. Just keep in mind that it will produce high utility bills in cooler climates, so consider a 90% furnace from Payne or another brand if you live where winters are long. For affordability, this model is one of the best. Here are gas furnace prices for the most popular sizes.

Payne PG8JEA 45,000 gas furnace: $1,289

Payne PG8JEA 90,000 gas furnace: $1,449

Payne PG8JEA 135,000 gas furnace: $1,579

Where Can I Buy the Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Online?

Some overstock dealers sell this model, though not consistently. You may also find it on eBay from time to time. If you can’t locate it, or want to have a professional furnace contractor install it, consider requesting 3 free estimates online. There is no cost for the service and dealers are local and prescreened for quality assurance. They know they’re competing for the job, so pricing is usually very good.


This single-stage furnace offers good indoor comfort along with an affordable price. It’s backed by a solid warranty too. If you want to save money and get a reliable, 80% furnace, the Payne PG8JEA gas furnace should meet your needs. where to buy cialis generic cialis for sale
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