Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Price

The Carrier Infinity 80 is a 2-stage, high-performance gas furnace in Carrier’s top line. The fact that it’s an 80% AFUE gas furnace reduces the cost compared with a 90%+ Infinity gas furnace. It’s a very good fit for homeowners who live in warm climates and don’t need high efficiency – but still want the climate control of staged heating and a variable-speed blower.

This Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace price quote gives you all the details so you can make an informed decision about this model. We include features in all our gas furnace price quotes to make it easy for you to research all the brands and models you’re considering for your purposes.

Top Features of the Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Infinity line is one of the highest-rated in all the industry. There are 2 models with 95% AFUE, the Infinity 95 and the Infinity ICS. This one is a good addition to the series, designed for those who want to spend less and still get Infinity quality.

80% AFUE, Not Energy Star rated.

2-stage heating runs on low most of the time to produce more comfortable temperatures.

Variable-speed fan enhances comfort weather heating or cooling.

Comfort Heat technology balances temperatures evenly during and between cycles.

Uses the Infinity Control for precise climate control.

The Carrier Infinity 80 is also known as the Carrier Infinity 58CVA 80% gas furnace.

Models offered from 66,000 BTU to 154,000 BTU.

Carrier “Super S” durable heat exchanger.

20-year heat exchanger warranty; 10-year parts warranty.

How Much Does the Carrier Infinity 80 Cost?

This unit costs more than many 80% gas furnaces because of its superior performance. These Carrier Infinity 58CVA prices are averages for the most popular sizes of this furnace. Prices will vary from one area to another based on several factors such as cost of living or dealer competition. For exact pricing where you live, get multiple estimates from local dealers.

66,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace: $1,779

88,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace: $1,859

110,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace: $2,149

130,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace: $2,489

Where Can I Buy the Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Online?

Carrier sells all the Infinity Series furnaces exclusively through local dealers. However, you can get it online by requesting 3 free estimates online today. It’s quick and convenient, and there is no fee or obligation. The dealers know they are competing, so the gas furnace prices and installation are usually very attractive.


If you live in a warm climate and don’t run your furnace a lot, or if you’re looking for a quality furnace to install in a guest apartment or cabin, this is a very good choice. The Carrier Infinity 80 58CVA is one of the top 80% AFUE furnaces on the market. viagra vs cialis reviews- cheapest pharmacy- viagra from canada
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