Top Gas Furnace Brand 2012

Carrier, with 2 modulating furnaces and more Energy Star models than any other brand, is the top gas furnace brand for 2012. From 80% AFUE, single-stage furnaces to the modulating Carrier Infinity 98 with 98.5% AFUE, you’ve got choices for efficiency that matches your climate and the heating comfort level you desire in your home.

This Carrier gas furnace guide gives you an overview of the Carrier lineup.

Carrier: The Best Gas Furnace Brand for 2012

Carrier makes 4 lines of furnaces. Here’s a look at each one with some of the key features you’ll get if you make one of them your next gas furnace.

Carrier Infinity Gas Furnaces: There are two modulating furnaces in this line, the 98.5% AFUE Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 and the 95% Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB. The modulating gas valve and secondary heat exchanger combine to deliver exceptional performance. The comfort level and temperature balance are unsurpassed with the aid of variable-speed blowers. These are expensive gas furnaces. For example, here are current gas furnace prices for the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 furnace:

60,000 Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace: $2,260

80,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace: 2,690

100,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace: $3,270

120,000 BTU Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace: $3,590

Here is the entire Carrier Infinity lineup:

Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7, Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB, Carrier Infinity 96 59TN6, Carrier Infinity 96 58MVB and Carrier Infinity 80 58CVA gas furnaces. All are either modulating or 2-stage modules for superior climate control.

Carrier Performance Gas Furnaces: This quality furnaces come in 2-stage and single-stage models in efficiency levels to match your needs. Slightly more affordable than Infinity models, there’s little drop-off in quality and they’re backed by the same lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 10-year parts warranty. Here is the entire series:

Carrier Performance 96 59TP5, Carrier Performance 96 58UVB, Carrier Performance 95 58HDV, Carrier Performance 93 58MTB, Carrier Performance Boost 90 58MEB, Carrier Performance Boost 90 MEC, Carrier Performance Boost 80 58PHA, Carrier Performance Boost 80 58 PHX, Carrier Performance 80 58CTA and Carrier Performance 80 58CTX gas furnaces. For sample prices, here are current gas furnace prices for the Carrier Performance 96 59TP5 furnace:

40,000 BTU Performance 96 furnace: $1,800

60,000 BTU Performance 96 furnace: $1,940

80,000 BTU Performance 96 furnace: $2,240

100,000 BTU Performance 96 furnace: $2,550

Carrier Comfort Gas Furnaces: These furnaces are a very good value. There are several high-efficiency, Energy Star models that will help cut utility bills all through the heating season. Here are all the models:

Carrier Comfort 95 59SC5, Carrier Comfort 95 58HDX, Carrier Comfort 92 59SC2, Carrier Comfort 92 58MXB, Carrier Comfort 80 58DLA and Carrier Comfort 80 58 DLX gas furnaces.

Here are sample prices from the Carrier Comfort series:

58,000 BTU Comfort 95 furnace: $1,650

70,000 BTU Comfort 95 furnace: $1,920

96,000 BTU Comfort 95 furnace: $ 2,260

Carrier Base Gas Furnaces: These are the most affordable Carrier gas furnaces yet they’re covered by a very good warranty. There’s one 90% furnace and two 80% models. All are single-stage furnaces. The three models are the Carrier Base 90 58MCB, Carrier Base 80 58STA and the Carrier Base 80 58STX gas furnaces.

Here are sample Carrier Base furnace prices:

40,000 BTU Base 90 furnace: $1,240

80,000 BTU Base 90 furnace: $1,660

138,000 BTU Base 90 furnace: $1,870

For more information on any Carrier gas furnaces, browse our gas furnace price reviews. You’ll get a rundown of the features and complete pricing for each model reviewed. Our goal is to give you reliable information you can use as you research your next gas furnace.

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