100,000 BTU Gas Furnace Prices for 2012

This furnace guide explains efficiency and performance options for 100,000 BTU furnaces, one of the most popular sizes for the average home. Not all 100,000 BTU gas furnaces are created equally. This gas furnace buyers guide will help you choose the right one for your home. We offer sample gas furnace prices too, to give you an idea of what you get for your money.

Efficiency Options for 100,000 BTU Gas Furnaces

The least efficient furnaces on the market are 80% AFUE. This means that 80% of the heat they create makes it into your home while 20% is lost out the exhaust flue. That’s a lot of energy waste, and that is one major reason consumers are installing fewer 80% models than then used to. Still, in very warm climates, an 80% gas furnace might be a cost-effective choice since they are so affordable. The most efficient gas furnaces have AFUE ratings over 98%. Here is a list of gas furnaces to show how efficiency affects price.

All of these furnaces are 100,000 BTU models or very close to that size.

80% Ruud Achiever RGPT gas furnace: $730

80% York Latitude TGLS/TG8S 80% Gas Furnace: $890

80% Goodman GME8 gas furnace: $970

80% Amana GME8 Distinctions gas furnace: $1,490

80% Trane XC80 gas furnace: $2,100

90% Ruud Achiever RGRK gas furnace: $939

90% Heil PS90-DV gas furnace: $1,409

90% Trane XT90 furnace: $1,930

92% Heil PS92 gas furnace: $1,440

92% Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $1,580

93% Goodman GCVC95 gas furnace: $1,790

93% Lennox Merit Series ML193 gas furnace price: $1,390

95% Goodman GME95 gas furnace: $1,440

95% Lennox Elite Series G61 gas furnace: $1,750

95% Carrier Performance 95 furnace: $1,950

96% Heil QuietComfort VT 96 gas furnace: $2,450

96% Luxaire LX TM9V gas furnace: $2,690

96% Amana AMVM96 gas furnace: $2,740

96.6% Bryant Evolution Series Plus 90i Gas Furnace: $2,550

98% Carrier Infinity 98 gas furnace: $3,160

Performance Options for 100,000 BTU Gas Furnaces

The list above has single-stage, 2-stage and modulating gas furnaces. The point was to show that, generally speaking, as efficiency increases, so does the cost. Now, this list shows how performance affects price in addition to the efficiency level of the furnace.

Single-stage 80% Goodman GMH gas furnace: $880

Single-stage 80% Lennox Elite Series G60 gas furnace: $1,590

Single-stage 80% Heil QuietComfort VS 80 gas furnace: $2,270

Single-stage 95% Aire Flo CG95 gas furnace: $1,570

Two-stage 92% Carrier Comfort 92 furnace: $1,650

Two-stage 95% Bryant Preferred Series 95 AFUE gas furnace: $2,040

Two-Stage 95% Trane XV95 100,000 BTU gas furnace: $2,930

Modulating 96% Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace: $1,940

Modulating 97% Maytag M1200 Plus Gas Furnace: $2,880

Modulating 97% York Affinity Series YP9C gas furnace: $2,900

Modulating 98% Evolution Plus 98m gas furnace: $2,950

Modulating 98.2% Lennox Signature SLP98V gas furnace: $3,040

All of these are 100,000 BTU furnaces, but as you can see, the price varies greatly by the efficiency level of the furnace and the performance it offers. Decide the right efficiency level for your purposes and then price models in various levels of performance to find one that fits your budget, brand preference or the level of climate control you want for your home. Take a few minutes to browse our gas furnace prices reviews. They give you complete features of each model and detailed pricing for all the sizes the furnaces is offered in.

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