Compare Carrier and Trane Gas Furnaces

These are 2 of the top furnace brands. Both offer superior quality, a range of efficiency levels and performance options for climate control. This is a battle of the heavyweights, and a slight advantage goes to Carrier.

This gas furnace buying guide will help you compare Carrier and Trane furnaces in the most important areas: Quality, efficiency and climate control.

Carrier vs. Trane Gas Furnace Quality

Trane and Carrier have repair records that are in the top 5 in the industry. The Carrier Infinity gas furnaces and the Trane XC furnaces offer outstanding durability, and you should expect 20+ years of service from them when they are maintained on a regular basis.

One thing stands out about the entire Carrier lineup in terms of quality. All the lines—Infinity, Performance, Comfort and Base – are backed by the same 10-year parts warranty. Some of the more affordable Trane models have a 5-year parts warranty.

Quality Advantage: Carrier

Carrier vs. Trane Gas Furnace Efficiency

This is another category that Carrier has a slight advantage in. The most efficient model in the Trane lineup, the Trane XC95, is 95% efficient, good enough to be Energy Star qualified. However, Carrier has several gas furnaces that are at least that efficient. They are:

Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 gas furnace, 98.5% AFUE

Carrier Infinity 96 59TN6 gas furnace, 96.6%

Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB gas furnace, 95% AFUE

Once you get beyond the most efficient models, both brands offer a good range of efficiency levels. Both make several good 80% furnaces that are mostly used in warm climates or in part-time locations where high efficiency isn’t as important. Browse the individual gas furnaces prices reviews for more details and full pricing for each model.

Efficiency Advantage: Carrier

Carrier vs. Trane Gas Furnace Performance

Carrier offers 2 modulating furnaces, the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 and the Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB. Trane counters with one, the Trane XC95m. Modulating furnaces offer the most precise indoor comfort, with evenly balanced temperatures. They are coupled with a variable-speed blower to provide optimal climate control.

The rest of the lineup includes 2-stage and single-stage models to match your performance needs as well as your budget.

Trane furnaces are equipped with Comfort-R technology that offers superior dehumidification when the system is in air conditioning mode. Trane also has better air filtration and purification products than Carrier, giving Trane a slight advantage in overall performance.

Performance Advantage: Trane


These two titans of the furnace industry are very evenly matched. For you, which one you choose might come down to the pricing you get when you request written estimates from local contractors. Make your decision based the experience and professionalism of the contractors too, since a furnace will run best for the longest period of time when it is properly installed and set up.

When Carrier and Trane furnaces are correctly installed, you can’t go wrong with either brand. They are two of the very best in the business.

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