Compare Lennox and Carrier Gas Furnaces

These brands have it all: quality, efficiency and performance. They are among the top handful of brands with Trane, American Standard, Bryant and a few more. When you put Lennox and Carrier furnaces up against each other head to head, the common strengths outweigh the weaknesses either might have.

This gas furnace buying guide compares these models in all the most important categories, so you can decide which one is a better choice for your home.

Lennox vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Quality

Both have top-5 repair records, proving their high quality and dependability. Lennox and Carrier use components proven to be durable and reliable. These include Lennox’s Duralok Plus heat exchangers made from aluminized steel and the Carrier SerpenTuff heat exchanger with polypropylene coating.

Both brands offer several levels of quality. For Lennox, it is the Dave Lennox Signature Series, the Lennox Elite Series and the Lennox Merit Series. For Carrier, it is the Carrier Infinity, Carrier Performance, Carrier Comfort and Carrier Base. Carrier has a quality advantage in the Performance and Base Series versus the Lennox Merit Series, but otherwise this is pretty even.

Quality Advantage: Carrier

Lennox vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Efficiency

The most efficient Carrier furnace is the Carrier Infinity 96 59TN6 gas furnace with a 96.6% AFUE rating. The Lennox SLP98V is 98.2% efficient, making it one of the top 3 furnaces in efficiency. Carrier has several other furnaces in the 95%-96% range, and Lennox has a few too. Both make furnaces in the 90%-94% range as well as a selection of 80% efficient models.

Lennox is also developing solar energy options such as its SunSource modules that can be used to power an entire heating and cooling system.

Efficiency Advantage: Lennox

Lennox vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Performance

Carrier makes 2 modulating gas furnaces, the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 and the Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB gas furnaces. The Lennox Signature SLP98V is Lennox’s only modulating model. Both brands make a variety of 2-stage models in a range of efficiencies, as well as single-stage furnaces.

Both brands use variable-speed and multispeed blowers in some of their furnaces to enhance indoor comfort and climate control. Where Carrier has a slight advantage is in technologies that do a better job maintaining temperature balance and humidity control.

Performance Advantage: Carrier

Lennox vs. Carrier Gas Furnace Prices

While you’ll find pricey models from both brands, Carrier gas furnaces are the most expensive in the industry. You’ll pay 5%-15% more for Carrier models than for comparable Lennox gas furnaces. However, you won’t be able to compare them head to head without getting several estimates from contractors in your area.

When you do get written estimates, make your choice based on the reputation and experience of the contractor as much as on price. Whether a Lennox or Carrier gas furnace is better in the long-run often comes down to how well each one was installed.

Price Advantage: Lennox


Carrier and Lennox are two of the best. Read gas furnace price posts on this site to learn more details about features and costs. Then get multiple gas furnace prices estimates to learn about the installation options where you live.

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