Compare Goodman and Lennox Gas Furnaces

Goodman offers great value; Lennox counters with great quality. These are two of the best-selling furnace brands with their own strengths and weaknesses.

This gas furnace buying guide compares Goodman and Lennox gas furnaces in the most essential areas. For more details, browse gas furnace price posts on this site covering many individual Goodman and Lennox models.

Goodman vs. Lennox Gas Furnaces Quality

Lennox has had one of the best repair records in the industry for decades. Goodman is a newer company and its first generation of furnaces gave it a reputation for poor quality. However, that has changed, and current Goodman furnaces are much more reliable.

To instill confidence in consumers, Goodman backs its better gas furnaces with some of the best warranties in the industry like lifetime heat exchanger warranties that include 10-year furnace replacement clauses. Lennox warranties are about average, but overall, Lennox quality is still superior to Goodman.

Quality advantage: Lennox

Goodman vs. Lennox Gas Furnaces Efficiency

The Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace is 96% efficient, and Goodman makes a few 95% models too. The Lennox SLP98V has an AFUE of 98.2%, making it one of the 3-4 most efficient gas furnaces on the market. Both brands make several other Energy Star rated furnaces ideal for cooler climates as well as 80% efficient furnaces suitable for warmer climates.

Efficiency Advantage: Lennox

Goodman vs. Lennox Gas Furnaces Performance

Each brand makes one modulating gas furnace. The Lennox SLP98V and the Goodman GMVM96 are also their most efficient furnaces. The modulating gas valves produce near-perfect temperature control, quieter operation and maximum indoor comfort. They have variable-speed blowers which coordinate with the gas valve to balance temperatures throughout your home.

Goodman and Lennox make single-stage and 2-stage furnaces too, giving consumers options in terms of climate control and furnace cost. This category is a toss-up.

Performance Advantage: Even

Goodman vs. Lennox Gas Furnaces Price

Lennox furnaces are among the most expensive furnaces in the industry. Goodman is growing market share by producing good-quality furnaces at exceptional prices. Goodman is considered the best brand for value on the market.

Compare the costs of the top models for each brand and you’ll see the difference.

Goodman GMVM96 Prices

60,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace: $1,550

80,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96gas furnace: $1,800

100,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace: $1,940

115,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96gas furnace: $2,100

Lennox SLP98V Prices

90,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLP98V gas furnace: $2,650

110,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLP98V gas furnace: $3,000

135,000 BTU Lennox Signature SLP98V gas furnace: $3,460

Price Advantage: Goodman


Lennox delivers great quality at fairly high prices. Goodman offers good quality and fantastic prices. If you want a workhorse, durable furnace for the next 20+ years, you can’t do better than Lennox. If you want to save money on equipment and still get a dependable furnace for 12-15 years, possibly more, Goodman should meet your expectations.

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