Compare American Standard and Carrier Gas Furnaces

These brands both offer superior quality and performance, with efficient models that will significantly cut your heating costs when replacing an older furnace. American Standard and Carrier are 2 of the top 5 brands in the industry. They share many of the same strengths and they have few weaknesses. These are 2 of the most expensive brands, so their top models won’t appeal to every consumer.

This gas furnace buying guide compares these brands to help you evaluate them for your purposes. We review many of individual American Standard and Carrier models in our gas furnace reviews. You’ll find complete details about features and gas furnace prices.

American Standard vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Quality

Carrier is often ranked as the brand with the best quality, but American Standard is never far behind. Both have top 5 repair records and proven durability. You can expect outstanding reliability and 20+ years of service from the top American Standard and Carrier models.

Carrier makes 4 lines of furnace: Carrier Infinity, Carrier Performance, Carrier Comfort and Carrier Base. American Standards lines are the Platinum, Gold and Silver. Some brands show a real drop-off in quality from the top line to the most affordable line. That isn’t the case with either of these manufacturers. Carrier offers the best warranties in the industry on its most affordable brands, and along with the top service record, this gives Carrier a slight edge in this category.

Quality Advantage: Carrier

American Standard vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Efficiency

The American Standard Platinum ZV is a 95% AFUE furnace and the brand’s most efficient. Carrier makes several 95% furnaces including the Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB and the Carrier Performance 96. In addition, Carrier offers the 96.6% efficient Carrier Infinity 96 model 59TN6 and the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 which is the most efficient at 98.2% AFUE.

The rest of the lineups are comparable, with a range of 80% furnaces and those with efficiency ratings from 90%-94%.

Efficiency Advantage: Carrier

American Standard vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Performance

The American Standard Platinum ZV is a modulating gas furnace. Carrier makes 2, the Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 and the Carrier Infinity ICS 58MVB. Modulating furnaces offer the most precise control of temperature, humidity and air filtration/purification.

Beyond modulating models, American Standard and Carrier build high-quality 2-stage and single stage models. The modulating and some 2-stage furnaces use variable-speed blowers. Other models are equipped with multispeed and single-speed blowers.

Performance Advantage: Even

American Standard vs. Carrier Gas Furnaces Prices

High quality and performance equates to higher prices, and these brands make some of the most expensive gas furnaces on the market. While prices decrease for both brands as you descend the series from best to least, Carrier prices don’t drop off as much.

Pricing for the models you are interested in might come down to specific costs in your area. To find the best prices on Carrier and American Standard furnaces, get several written estimates from furnace contractors in order to find the lowest costs for equipment and installation.

Price Advantage: American Standard


When you’re considering American Standard and Carrier, you’re trying to decide between 2 of the best furnace brands in the industry. Your decision might come down to what your local furnace contractors can offer you in terms of pricing on the models you are considering.

Get multiple estimates and use them to find the lowest prices but also a contractor with a good reputation for quality installation.

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