Compare American Standard and Goodman Gas Furnaces

American Standard offers great quality; Goodman offers excellent value. Which one is right for you?  This gas furnace buying guide compares these brands in 4 important areas so you can evaluate them for your purposes. See the gas furnace reviews on this site for details on features and prices for many American Standard and Goodman gas furnaces.

American Standard vs. Goodman Gas Furnaces Quality

American Standard has a top-3 repair record among all furnace brands. The quality of these furnaces is unsurpassed in the industry. The American Standard Platinum furnaces are the best, followed by the Gold and Silver Series.

Goodman has made significant strides in upgrading its quality in the last 10 years. Goodman gas furnaces don’t match American Standard’s for quality, but they are much better than they were and are improving. To instill confidence in consumers, Goodman backs its products with some of the best warranties in the industry including furnace replacement warranties on heat exchangers for some models. Still, American Standard wins this category, but not by as much as some would think.

Quality Advantage: American Standard

American Standard vs. Goodman Gas Furnaces Efficiency

Goodman holds its own in this category. The most efficient model is the 96% AFUE Goodman GMVM gas furnace. There are several other Energy Star furnaces with efficiencies from 90%-95%. The most efficient American Standard furnace is the 96.7% efficient American Standard Gold ZM, and the brand makes quite a few other Energy Star rated furnaces. Both brands make 80% furnaces designed for warmer climates and for use where high efficiency isn’t as vital.

Efficiency Advantage: Even

American Standard vs. Goodman Gas Furnaces Performance

Both brands make one modulating gas furnace, several 2-stage models and single-stage models. Where American Standard has a slight advantage is in the technologies built into its furnaces. For example, the Comfort-R mode uses constant low fan operation to remove more humidity during an AC cycle in warm weather. The TAM module allows you to control your heating and cooling system remotely using a smart phone.

Performance Advantage: American Standard

American Standard vs. Goodman Gas Furnaces Prices

Goodman is a growing furnace company, increasing sales by offering good-quality furnaces at excellent prices, backed by some of the better warranties you’ll find. See the details in our furnace prices posts.

On the other hand, American Standard is the choice of homeowners who want exceptional quality and are willing to pay extra for it.

Price Advantage: Goodman


The choice is pretty clear here. If you are in the market for a furnace every bit as good as a Carrier Infinity or Lennox Signature furnace, choose a top-quality American Standard furnace. American Standard Platinum and Gold models should last for 20+ years when properly maintained.

If you want to save money while still getting a good furnace, one that will give you 15-20 years of service, consider a Goodman. The low cost of Goodman furnaces make them very popular with those who are not planning to live in their current home for more than 7-10 years and with those who want an affordable furnace for their guest apartment, cabin, workshop or garage. how to increase semen volume how to stop premature ejaculation steroids for sale

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