Lennox Elite Series EL296V Gas Furnace Price

This 96%, 2-stage, variable-speed blower will reduce heating costs while keeping your home very comfortable. Part of Lennox’s second-best line, the Lennox Elite Series EL296V is a good value based on its current price. This is a popular model for homes in cold climates and with conscientious homeowners who want to lower their energy use and carbon emissions.

This Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace price review will help you compare this model with others you are considering. Browse the gas furnace price posts on this site to find similar high-efficiency, 2-stage furnaces you may want to consider. All the leading brands make comparable furnaces to this one.

Top Features of the Lennox Elite Series EL296V Gas Furnace

The two-stage gas valve fires at low capacity, and the fan runs on low speed most of the time. The result is more even heating than a single-stage furnace can produce. When you need a boost in heat or outside temperatures fall, the furnace runs on high to warm your home quickly. Here is what this efficient furnace offers:

  • 96% AFUE is Energy Star rated.
  • 2-stage heating produces more comfortable heating.
  • Variable speed blower produce better climate control in all seasons.
  • Dual fuel capability means this furnace can be used in a system with a heat pump, ideal for cold-weather climates.
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger resists corrosion.
  • Supports the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi enabled controller.

How Much Does the Lennox Elite Series EL296V Gas Furnace Cost?

This is a competitively-priced, high-efficiency gas furnace. You’ll see that as you compare it to similar models in the Trane XB, Carrier Performance, American Standard Gold, Rheem Classic and Ruud Achiever lines. It holds its own “second best” models from all the leading brands. Here are current gas furnace prices for this model.

45,000 BTU Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace: $1,559

70,000 BTU Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace: $1,739

90,000 BTU Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace: $1,949

110,000 BTU Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace: $2,339

135,000 BTU Lennox Elite Series EL296V gas furnace: $2,659

Where Can I Buy the Lennox Elite Series EL296V Furnace Online?

You won’t find this model at eBay or sold by wholesale dealers. The best way to get it online is by requesting 3 free estimates online from a service that provides them from prescreened Lennox dealers in your area. There is no cost or obligation is you use the service on this site. The bids are very competitive too. It’s fast and convenient. If you don’t like the bids, call someone else.


This furnace offers excellent performance and high efficiency at a reasonable price. That makes it a very good value. If you want to lower your heating bills and increase indoor comfort at a reasonable price, this furnace is worth a closer look.

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