Goodman GMVM96 Modulating Gas Furnace Price

This 96% modulating furnace offers great comfort, reduced energy use and a very good price. Goodman is known as the value leader in the industry, and this is one of the most affordable modulating furnaces on the market. The modulating gas valve adjusts in 1% increments to precisely balance temperatures to maximize indoor comfort. A modulating burner is quieter too, since it runs at lower capacities most of the time.

This Goodman GMVM96 modulating gas furnace price review allows you to evaluate this model for yourself. Compare it with other modulating furnaces we’ve reviewed like the Carrier Infinity 98 Modulating gas furnace and the Armstrong A97MV gas furnace.

Top Features of the Goodman GMVM96 Gas Furnace

  • 96% AFUE efficiency is Energy Star rated
  • Modulating gas valve boosts efficiency and eliminates temperature fluctuations.
  • Modulates at 35% to 100% capacity.
  • Variable-speed blower adds comfort in all seasons, and removes more humidity during cooling cycles.
  • Communicating technology module is available to coordinate performance with a heat pump or AC for optimal efficiency and durability.
  • Requires the Goodman Full Modulating thermostat for best performance.
  • 3-phase, ECM motor reduces electricity use.
  • Honeywell IFC controls.
  • Aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger.
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger.
  • 2-speed draft inducer motor.
  • Low constant-speed fan for ventilation and dehumidification/humidification.
  • Certified to meet CA low-NOx emission standard.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty with 10-year furnace replacement; 10-year parts warranty. This is one of the better warranties in the industry.

How Much Does the Goodman GMVM96 Gas Furnace Cost?

This unit is very competitively priced among modulating furnaces. Here are current gas furnace prices for the Goodman GMVM96.

60,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace: $1,849

80,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96gas furnace: $2,059

100,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace: $2,179

115,000 BTU Goodman GMVM96gas furnace: $2,259

Where Can I Buy the Goodman GMVM96 Gas Furnace Online?

If you plan to install the furnace yourself, then buying it from an online retailer makes sense. Several have it, and a search will help you find the best deals. If you want the unit installed too, you’ll get the best prices by requesting 3 free estimates online. You will receive 3 competitive, written estimates from dealers in your area. They are prescreened to ensure the quality of the installation. There is no cost or obligation, and it takes just a minute or two to request the estimates. When you discuss your heating requirements with Goodman dealers, you can learn more about other Goodman furnaces that might be a better fit.


If you want a good-quality modulating furnace at a great price, this one is tough to beat. For premium quality, take a look at Carrier and Trane modulating model reviews on this site. The Goodman GMVM96 gas furnace should give you 20 years of service if you give it consistent maintenance.

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