Lennox Elite Series EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

This is an 80%, two-stage furnace at a competitive price. The two-stage gas burner heats on low most of the time. This produces longer, quieter cycles and more gentle heating. The burner is assisted by a variable-speed blower that evens out temperatures. If a central AC is included, the variable-speed blower enhances comfort year-round while removing more humidity during hot weather. The furnace is part of Lennox’s second-best line, and should deliver good quality and reliability for 15-20 years.

At 80% efficient, this furnace is suited to climates where winters are mild. In cold climates, a more efficient furnace like the Lennox EL296 is a more cost-effective choice. This Lennox Elite Series EL280 gas furnace review allows you to consider this furnace for your purposes and compare it to comparable 80% models. Most 80% models are single-stage, but we review several other 2-stage 80% models like the Trane XT80, Goodman GMVC and the American Standard Gold SM furnaces

Top Features of the Lennox Elite Series EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

  • 80% AFUE is NOT Energy Star rated.
  • Two-stage heating is more comfortable than single-stage.
  • Variable-speed blower creates even, comfortable temperatures.
  • Dual fuel compatible for use in a system with a heat pump.
  • Continuous low-speed fan improves ventilation and it removes more humidity during an air conditioning cycle.
  • Duralok heat exchanger made from aluminized steel.
  • Durable SureLight silicon nitride igniter.
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 10-year parts warranty are average for quality gas furnaces.

How much Does the Lennox Elite EL280 Gas Furnace Cost?

This furnace offers good value—a combination of decent quality and a low price. Prices may vary where you live based on the level of dealer competition. Furnaces also cost more in winter than in spring or fall. Here are current average gas furnace prices for this model.

70,000 BTU Lennox Elite EL280 gas furnace: $1,799

90,000 BTU Lennox Elite EL280 gas furnace: $2,029

110,000 BTU Lennox Elite EL280 gas furnace: $2,279

135,000 BTU Lennox Elite EL280 gas furnace: $2,539

Where Can I Buy the Lennox Elite EL280 Gas Furnace Online?

Lennox sells its furnaces through local certified Lennox dealers. You can get this furnace online by requesting 3 free estimates online from these dealers. There is no cost or obligation, and the price quotes are typically very good since the dealers know they are competing for the work. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about other Lennox furnaces that might better meet your needs.


If you’d like an 80%, 2-stage furnace but don’t want to pay top dollar, the Lennox Elite EL280 is one to consider. It’s built with very good quality and should provide durable, long-lasting service with normal maintenance.

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