Carrier is considered one of the top manufacturers of gas furnaces in the industry. The brand is known for quality, innovation, and producing a very comfortable indoor climate. Their top of the line Carrier Infinity gas furnaces are among the most advanced you can buy. Carrier makes 4 separate lines of gas furnaces to give every consumer options to meet their heating needs and budget. We offer Carrier gas furnace reviews and reviews of other brands so that you can compare gas furnaces side by side. For specific models, see our most recent Carrier reviews. [catlist = 8]

The Carrier Company

Willis Carrier began producing his “manufactured weather” systems in 1902, signaling the begin of the heating and air conditioning industry. For more than a century, the Carrier Company has produced the innovations that have revolutionized the way people around the world heat, cool and purify air. Carrier is one of the largest HVAC companies in the world, a leader in both residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Carrier products continue to be some of the most efficient and innovative on the market.

Carrier Gas Furnaces

The four lines of Carrier furnaces allow you to choose the right balance of performance and affordability. Their top furnaces are definitely high end and quite expensive. Their least expensive furnaces are still made with quality and have the same 10-year parts warranty as their best furnaces. Here is an overview of the Carrier gas furnaces catalog. We offer individual reviews for many of these models that include details about their features, performance quality and price. See the latest Carrier gas furnace reviews in the list above. Here are the Carrier models currently available:

Carrier Infinity Series: These are some of the most advanced gas furnaces on the market. They are intelligent products that use the Infinity Control to coordinate the operation of all system components to ensure highest efficiency and greatest indoor comfort. If you want the best control of temperature, humidity and air quality in your home, the Infinity Series is one to consider. You get staged heating and variable-speed blowers in this series. The models in the Carrier Infinity gas furnace series are: Carrier Infinity ICS (95% efficient), Carrier Infinity 96 (96.6%), and Carrier Infinity 80 (80%)

Carrier Performance Series: This series offers some single-stage, single-speed blowers and some 2-stage, variable-speed models to give you the choice of greater affordability or greater indoor comfort. All are built with quality and backed by a 10-year parts warranty. The Carrier Performance models are the Performance 96 (96.6%), Carrier Performance 95 (95%), Carrier Performance 93 (93%), Carrier Performance Boost 90 (90%), Carrier Performance Boost 80 (80%), and Carrier Performance 80 (80%).

Carrier Comfort Series: These furnaces are single-stage, single speed models that emphasize affordable quality. They are offered in 3 levels of efficiency to give you choices right for your climate. The models in this series are the Carrier Comfort 95 (95%), Carrier Comfort 92 (92%), and Carrier Comfort 80 (80%).

Carrier Base Series: This is Carrier’s lowest-priced series but it isn’t junk. These furnaces are a good choice for basic, reliable heating at home, in a workshop, vacation home or other place where affordability is what counts most. The models are the Carrier Base 90 (90%), and Carrier Base 80 (80%).

Carrier Gas Furnace Prices

Carrier Infinity furnaces are expensive. For the money, you get a furnace that provides a very comfortable indoor climate. Match the furnace with an Infinity Series central air conditioner and air purification system and you’ll enjoy unsurpassed comfort in all seasons. Carrier furnaces get more affordable as you go down the list. We provide pricing information in all of our Carrier gas furnace reviews so that you can find the right blend of performance and price to suit your heating needs.

Carrier Gas Furnace Reviews

Our goal is to keep updating our Carrier gas furnace reviews to keep you informed about all of the models they offer. Take some time to read our Carrier furnace reviews and compare them to our reviews of Trane, American Standard, Lennox, Rheem, and other furnace brands and models. Our reviews allow you to compare different models on one site, making it easy and efficient for you to do the research needed to make a good choice for your home.

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