Lennox has been making innovative heating products since their first riveted steel furnace in 1895. From that beginning, Lennox has grown into one of the top commercial and residential HVAC companies in the world.  Today, their reputation for quality and innovation continues.  They make several lines of gas furnaces that include the high-end Dave Lennox Signature Series furnaces, the very affordable Lennox Merit Series, and models in between that provide options for features and pricing. We review many of the furnaces they make and you can read the latest Lennox gas furnace reviews right here.[catlist = 12]

The Lennox Company

Since their first successes more than 100 years ago, Lennox engineers have continued to push for energy-efficient ways to make our homes more comfortable. As one of the largest furnace manufacturers, they have the means to carry on cutting edge research to improve their product lines. With products like solar-ready modules that can entirely power a home’s heating and cooling system, and the 98% efficient Signature Series SLP98V modulating furnace, Carrier is a leader in helping homeowners reduce their utility bills as well as their impact on the environment.

Lennox Gas Furnaces

Lennox understands the different needs of consumers.  No gas furnace will work for every home and budget.  Therefore, they make 3 different lines that give you options in terms of features and cost. Here’s an overview of the Lennox gas furnace lineup.

Dave Lennox Signature Series: These furnaces offer a very comfortable home.  The SLPV 98 has a modulating gas valve that only creates enough heat at any time to gently warm your home and keep temperatures very balanced.  These top of the line furnaces have variable-speed blowers to reduce hot and cold spots and improve humidity control whether the system is in heating mode or working with a central air condition. The 2 different efficiency levels let you choose the one that’s right for your climate or needs. The models in this series are the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V (98.2%) and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V (80%).

Lennox Elite Series: This series gives you 2 choices of efficiency as well.  In addition, the models range from 2-stage heating with a variable-speed blower to more affordable furnaces with single-stage heat and single-stage blowers. See our reviews for the details on furnaces in this lineup.  They include the Lennox Elite G61V (95%), Lennox Elite G61 (95%), Lennox Elite EL195E (95%), Lennox Elite EL195 (95%), Lennox G60 (80%) and Lennox G50 (80%).

Lennox Merit Series: Lennox’s most affordable furnaces are single-stage and single-speed models. They offer affordable dependability. The models are the Lennox Merit ML195 (95%), Merit ML193 (93%), Lennox ML180 E (80%) and Lennox ML180 (80%).

Lennox Gas Furnace Prices

The Signature Series SLP98V is an expensive furnace.  It will help make your home very comfortable, and with 98.2% efficiency it will help to lower your heating bills significantly. In other words, if you want a high-performance furnace, you get what you pay for with this one.  In the Elite Series, models with staged heating and variable speed fans are more expensive while the single-stage models are more affordable.  The Merit Series furnaces emphasize value for those who want to keep their equipment costs down.

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews

Our reviews allow you to compare Lennox furnaces with one another as well as with other brands in order to determine which one is right for you.  Our growing list of reviews offers you detailed, unbiased information to help you be an educated consumer and make a furnace decision you’ll be happy with in the years ahead.

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