Aire Flo

Aire Flo gas furnace prices are some of the most affordable in the industry, by design.  Aire Flo is a low-cost brand now produced by Lennox.  Aire Flo furnaces are attractive to consumers looking for basic performance in a cost-effective furnace. On this page, you’ll learn about the Aire Flo Company and get an overview of the product lineup.  You can also jump directly to our latest Aire Flo gas furnace review.[catlist=17]

The Aire Flo Company

Aire Flo Heating and Cooling is a subsidiary of Lennox, the company that also owns Armstrong. The purpose of the company is to offer a limited lineup of more affordable models, to cover a segment of the market most Lennox products don’t reach. Prices are lower and the warranties are not as strong.

Aire Flo Gas Furnaces

There are only 3 models made by Aire Flo.

Aire Flo 95AF Gas Furnace: This single-stage gas furnace is Energy Star qualified. Its compact design makes installation easier in confined spaces. This model comes in a range of sizes from 40,000 Btu to 100,000 Btu, with blowers from 1.5 ton to 5.0 ton. The Aluminized steel heat exchanger has a 20-year warranty; all other parts are covered for 5 years.

Aire Flo 92AF Gas Furnace: This single-stage furnace is also an Energy Star model.  It is offered in a wider range of sizes, from 45,000 Btu to 125,000 Btu. It has the same 20/5 warranty.

Aire Flo 80AF Gas Furnace: At 80% efficient, this model is popular in warmer climates where lower equipment cost is more important than high efficiency.  This model is also selected for part-time use installations where saving on the furnace cost is the main reason for purchasing it. It is covered by the same 20/5 warranty; an extended parts warranty is available on all Aire Flo models.

Aire Flo Gas Furnace Prices

These furnaces are designed to present a low-cost alternative to expensive gas furnaces.  For example, the 95% 115,000 Btu Amana GMVC95 Distinctions gas furnace costs just over $2,000; the 92% efficient Aire Flo 125,000 Btu gas furnace costs $1,000.

Aire Flo Gas Furnace Reviews

Each Aire Flo review gives you a complete rundown of the unit’s top features and its performance. We also include accurate pricing so you can compare its cost to the price of comparable units from other brands.  All of our gas furnace reviews are designed to give you the in-depth, unbiased information you need to make a good decision on the purchase of your next gas furnace.

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