Amana gas furnace prices reflect the performance and efficiency of each model.  The company keeps its prices competitive with other top brands while offering some of the best warranties on the market.  Most HVAC professionals rate Amana products high for value. This page gives you an overview of the Amana Company as well as their gas furnace products.  Read on to learn more, or click on our most recent Amana gas furnace reviews.[catlist=4]

The Amana Company

Amana began in and has been a trusted HVAC brand ever since.  It now makes a full range of heating and cooling equipment, many of which boast the best warranties in their class.  For example, all Amana furnaces are backed by a lifetime unit replacement limited warranty.  If the heat exchanger ever fails, Amana will replace the entire furnace.

Amana Gas Furnaces

There’s an excellent selection of Amana furnaces.  They are divided into the standard series and the Distinctions line.

Amana Gas Furnaces: These are Amana’s best furnaces.  You’ll find a wide range of models including single-stage, two-stage units and the top of the line modulating gas furnace.  Efficiency levels range from 80% to 96%, with many Energy Star qualified furnaces. These furnaces are built with stainless steel heat exchangers including the patented Million-Aire dual-diameter tubular model that is rated for 1 million cycles.

Amana Distinctions Gas Furnaces: These units are very similar, though priced somewhat more affordably.  They do not contain the Million-Aire heat exchanger, but many of them do have a lifetime unit replacement warranty.  The best furnace is the 96% efficient modulating furnace.  There are several other Energy Star qualified models as well as 80% models that are cost-effective for warmer climates or part-time use in vacation homes or similar installations.

Amana Gas Furnace Prices

Amana prices are higher than average, but not greatly. The higher price reflects the quality of the furnaces.  They sell well to homeowners who want a better grade of furnace and are willing to pay for it, with the hopes of reducing repair costs over the life of the unit.  Amana gas furnaces have one of the best service records in the industry.

Amana Gas Furnace Reviews

See reviews of individual Amana furnaces to get an overview of the features and performance offered.  All of our gas furnace reviews are designed to give you quality, reliable and complete information you can use when researching gas furnaces.  Take a look at reviews for Amana or other leading brands like Lennox, Goodman, Carrier, Trane or American Standard. Our goal is to make this site your single best source for information on a wide range of gas furnace models.

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