American Standard

American Standard gas furnace prices range from quite expensive to very affordable because the company makes a very complete collection of models.  This is one of the industry’s premier heating and air conditioning companies. Many American Standard gas furnaces are among the highest-rated currently available, but there are furnaces to suit different budgets, demands for home comfort, and levels of energy efficiency. We’ve recently added reviews to our collection so you can get more details on models of interest to you. [catlist=5]

Our purpose is to bring you quality information about these models, including American Standard gas furnace prices you can use to evaluate which furnace makes the most sense for your home.

The American Standard Company

In business since the 1880s, American Standard has been a consistent innovator in the industry, earning their name as the American standard of superior engineering, quality and performance. The company has been at the forefront in every important heating and air conditioning trend since its beginning, from modernizing furnaces in the early 1900s to making air conditioning available and affordable for the average home in the 1960s and ‘70s, to innovating indoor air quality equipment today. American Standard continues to be an industry leader in new technology to make heating and cooling greener, more affordable and more comfortable than ever.

American Standard Gas Furnaces

American Standard makes 3 separate lines of gas furnaces; the top of the line is the Platinum Series, followed by the Gold and Silver lines.  The Platinum ZV is an innovative furnace with a modulating gas valve with variable capacity between 40% and 100%.  It has the ability to sense the heating needs of the home and deliver the precise amount of heat to keep temperatures, with the help of a variable-speed blower. The American Standard is a 2-stage 80% furnace with a variable speed blower for those in warmer climates that appreciate maximum comfort. Those are the 2 models in the American Standard Platinum lineup.

The American Standard Gold gas furnaces collection includes 4 gas furnaces with options for performance and efficiency.  The single-stage Gold ZM is the brand’s most efficient furnace at 96.7% AFUE.  The other Gold Series furnaces are the Gold XI (95%), the 2-stage Gold XM (93%), and the 2-stage Gold SM (80%).

American Standard Silver Series furnaces are all single-stage models that vary in efficiency, giving you low-cost options.  The Silver ZI (95%) is an Energy Star furnace, as is the Silver SI 90 (90%). The Silver SI, Silver SI+ and the Silver XI are all 80% efficient furnaces.

American Standard Gas Furnace Prices

As you would expect, there is a range of prices based on the performance level and the efficiency of these furnaces.  American Standard gives you 4 basic options: High efficiency and high performance, standard efficiency and high performance, high efficiency and standard performance, or standard efficiency and standard performance, with appropriate pricing for each one.

American Standard Gas Furnace Reviews

Be sure to see our growing collection of gas furnace reviews to get full details on models you want to learn more about.  Our goal with the reviews is to provide you with accurate information about quality, features and pricing so you can be an educated consumer as you decide which gas furnace best meets your needs. Take some time to read our American Standard gas furnace reviews and check back regularly because we are consistently adding gas furnace reviews for all the leading brands and models.

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