We provide you with Coleman gas furnace prices along with detailed reviews of Coleman furnaces so you can evaluate these products and compare them with others you are considering. Coleman is one of the industry’s oldest brands and in recent years has been totally overhauled, with very favorable results. Their products are far superior to what they were just a few years ago, as determined by consumer ratings.  We are consistently adding Coleman furnace reviews to our site and you can read the latest right here. [catlist=9]

The Coleman Company

The Coleman name has been part of the heating and cooling industry since the 1950s.  The brand fell on hard times before being bought by York in 1996, leading to a significant upgrade in the entire product line.  As you compare the York brand with Coleman, you’ll notice a significant overlap in models.  The Coleman name tag has remained due to high consumer recognition of the company built on the Coleman lantern and other outdoor products.

Coleman Gas Furnaces

There are 3 Coleman gas furnace series, the top of the line Echelon, the LX Series, and the Comforteer Series of affordable, single-stage models.

Echelon Series: The Echelon furnaces, the 98% efficient CP9C and the 80% CPLC both use a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower to create a very comfortable home.  The CP9C is a better choice for colder climates and those who want a green furnace; the CPLC is more cost-effective in warmer climates.

LX Series: The LX Series is the broadest, with a mix of modulating, 2-stage and single-stage furnaces.  Most have variable-speed or multispeed blowers, though more affordable single-speed models are available.  In terms of efficiency, the LX Series TM9M, TM9X, TM9T and TM9V offer up to 97% efficiency.  The LX Series TM8X, TM8T and TM8V are all 80% efficient models.  Homeowners in cooler climates or those who are committed to green technology choose the higher efficiency models. Standard efficiency models are popular with those in warmer climates or for installation when lower equipment cost is more important than high efficiency.  These instances may include vacation homes or cabins, or homes the owner expects to sell shortly.

Comforteer Series: The Comforteer models include the Energy Star TG9S with 95.5% efficiency and the 80% TG8S.  Both are single-stage models so the cost is more affordable. They provide basic, reliable heat and lower prices.

Coleman Gas Furnace Prices

Coleman furnace prices are about average for the industry, and somewhat below what you’ll find for top brands like Trane, Carrier or Lennox. You’ll pay more for higher efficiency and better performance (2-stage heat, variable-speed blower).  There are enough models to allow you to find a combination of efficiency and performance that works best for your home heating needs and budget.

Coleman Gas Furnace Reviews

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these Coleman gas furnaces, see our gas furnace reviews library.  We add to it regularly, so check back if you don’t find what you’re looking for.  Peruse our other brand reviews too, and you may find additional furnaces worth taking a look at. Our reviews can help you make an informed decision as you look for a heating solution for your home.

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