Ducane gas furnace prices are among the most competitive in the industry. We include prices in all of our reviews so you can have the important information on hand as you evaluate each gas furnace in light of your climate control needs. On this page, we provide an overview of the Ducane Company and the gas furnaces it produces.  You can find that information below, or if you’d prefer, jump to our latest Ducane gas furnace reviews found right here.[catlist=10]

The Ducane Company

Ducane makes a decent range of HVAC equipment, though the selection isn’t as varied as it is with larger manufacturers.  Many consumers appreciate a simplified selection that makes it easier to differentiate each model.  The furnace lineup does cover all the bases though, from affordable 80% efficient models to Energy Star qualified high-efficiency 95% models with 2-stage operation. The focus is on building a limited line of products with good quality and reliability and, for the most part, Ducane succeeds in this effort.  Ducane is now a subsidiary of Lennox International.

Ducane Gas Furnaces

Ducane groups its furnaces into “Good/Better/Best” series.

Ducane Good Furnaces: There are two 80% efficient models and one 92% models in this group.  All are single-stage, meaning the burner runs at full capacity whenever the furnace is on. The 92% model and one of the 80% models offers multi-poise installation; the second 80% model is a horizontal model.

Ducane Better Furnaces: These are also single-stage models. Two are 95% efficient, qualifying them as Energy Star products.  The 80% model has a high-efficiency blower motor that uses less electricity.

Ducane Best Furnaces: These are 2-stage models that run on low capacity most of the time, producing better temperature balance and air circulation in your home. There is an Energy Star qualified 95% furnace and an 80% furnace, so you’ve got choices based on your local climate as well as your budget.

Ducane Gas Furnace Prices

As noted, these are competitively-priced furnaces that emphasis good quality and reliability. Each of our reviews contains pricing information that will help you compare Ducane models with one another and with those from other brands.

Ducane Gas Furnace Reviews

Our reviews of these furnaces give you a detailed summary of the features and the performance for each model. You’ll also find pricing information for most of the sizes produced in each model.  We include information about where you can purchase the Ducane furnace online as well. Browse all of our gas furnace reviews as you research models and decide which one has the features, performance and pricing that work for you.

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