Maytag gas furnace prices range from affordably to quite expensive, a reflection of their product lineup. Their single-stage, 80% furnaces are competitively priced, as you’d expect.  Their innovative iQ Drive 97% efficient furnace with a modulating burner is pricey.  Our goal is to bring you accurate prices you can use to determine which Maytag model might meet your needs. This page provides an overview of the company as well as the Maytag furnace lineup.  Read on to learn more, or jump to our latest Maytag furnace reviews here. [catlist=19]

The Maytag Company

Maytag has a long history of innovation and quality.  They have traditionally made products for the upper tier of the market. Their gas furnace lineup is more diverse.  The company in now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nordyne Corporation and continues to make some of the most innovative products in the HVAC industry.

Maytag Gas Furnaces

The lineup includes 10 different models with an excellent range of features, performance, efficiency and prices. Here’s an overview of the collection; see individual reviews for more details on specific models.

Maytag M1200 Series Gas Furnaces: These all offer staged heating that makes your home more comfortable, with balanced temperatures and better air filtration.  The top of the line is the PGC2MQ iQ Drive M1200 with the modulating gas valve.  It’s 97% efficient.  Other Energy Star choices in this series are the M1200 95.1% efficient 2-stage models. The series also includes two M1200 80% efficient furnaces, a good choice for those who live in a warmer climate and want 2-stage performance.

Maytag M120 Series Gas Furnaces: These are single-stage furnaces that cost offer cost savings over the M1200 Series models. For Energy Star products, choose 95% or 92.1% efficient models.  There are also 80% models that are more affordable and better suited to warmer climates.

Maytag Gas Furnace Prices

You generally get what you pay for with Maytag.  The furnaces are a good value.  You’ll pay top dollar for the modulating furnace, but it delivers superior indoor comfort, and the 97% efficiency will help to keep utility costs low. We include specific pricing in each of our reviews, so you’ll have the details you need to make your decision.

Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews

In each of our gas furnace reviews, you’ll find a summary of the furnace’s features, efficiency and performance.  Then we give prices for most sizes of the furnace. Our goal is to help you compare Maytag models with those from other top brands like Lennox, Carrier, American Standard and Trane.  With our growing list of reviews, it’s easy to do all your research right here on one site.