Payne gas furnace prices are among the most affordable in the industry.  The emphasis is on producing inexpensive equipment that is also reliable and energy efficient. The furnaces that Payne makes are 80% AFUE, standard efficiency furnaces.  If you want a high-efficiency gas furnace, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  But for warm climates, vacations homes and cabins, or part-time use in a workshop or garage, Payne models are definitely worth considering because of their low cost. [catlist=13]

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 The Payne Company

While it doesn’t have the household recognition that Trane or Carrier has, Payne has been around almost as long, mostly as a regional producer of heating and air conditioning equipment.  In the 1970s, Payne was bought by Carrier and is now one of Carrier’s subsidiary companies.  With Carrier’s backing, Payne expanded its production and now offers quality, affordable gas furnaces throughout the country.  As the company seeks to grow market share, Payne is focusing on low-cost furnaces that are built to last. 

Payne Gas Furnaces

Payne’s current lineup of gas furnaces includes only 2 models, though each model has a secondary model sold in California fitted with special low-NOx technology to meet the state’s tough environmental codes. 

The Payne PG8MEA gas furnace offers standard 80% efficiency which is a cost-effective choice in warmer climates where the furnace isn’t in heavy use.  This model has a slow-opening gas valve that produces quieter, gentler heating that balances temperatures throughout your home.  It is a single-stage burner and very dependable.  The energy-efficient fan is multispeed and includes a low-constant on feature to improve humidity control when a central AC is part of a split system with this furnace.  The Payne PG8JEA is the low-NOx version of this furnace.

The Payne PG8M is very comparable, with a single-stage burner and multispeed fan.  Both furnaces have the ability to enhance the SEER rating, or efficiency rating, of any central air conditioner that is part of the split system.  The furnaces give you installation options including upflow, downflow and horizontal operation.  The PG8J is the low-NOx version.

Payne Gas Furnace Prices

As noted, these are very affordable models and popular with those who want to save money on equipment costs. Depending on the size you need, these furnaces start under $1,000, making them an inexpensive choice for your home, your workshop, garage, cabin or vacation home.  They are also a good choice for those who need a new furnace but are considering selling their home in the next few years and don’t want to overspend on a unit they won’t get their money out of.

Payne Gas Furnace Reviews

We bring you Payne furnace reviews that give you the details these furnaces offer, allowing you to compare them with other gas furnace reviews on this site.  Our goal is to help you research furnace models as conveniently as possible as you consider the right choice for your next gas furnace.

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