We provide you with York gas furnace prices along with details about efficiency and features so you can evaluate which york models might work well for your home.  York is one of the country’s oldest furnace manufacturers and continues to be one of the highest-rated for quality, innovation and efficiency.  There are 11 different models in the York gas furnace family with a range of efficiency and performance that allows every homeowner to find the one that is right for them. York gets high ratings from HVAC professionals and, more importantly, from homeowners like you who choose one of these quality furnaces for their own home. Our latest York furnace reviews can help you select the right one for your home.[catlist=18]

The York Company

Founded in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania, this company has been a leader in heating and air conditioning for well over a century.  They innovated air conditioning in the early 20th century and have continued to work to make higher-quality, more efficient furnaces that are also affordable.  The company was bought in 2006 by Johnson Controls, a move that provided the resources for York to upgrade their products, putting York back at the forefront of the furnace industry.

York Gas Furnaces

There are 3 York gas furnace series.  The Affinity Series is the top of the line and includes just 2 models, both very impressive.  The York Affinity YP9C offers incredibly high 98% efficiency while the York Affinity YPLC is an 80% model.  Both furnaces use an innovative modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower that help create precise climate control that will make your home very comfortable.  Gentle heat with balanced temperatures are the result.

The York LX Series includes a mix of single-stage and 2-stage burners that give you performance choices as well as pricing options.  The 2-stage models are the: LX TM9V (96%), LX TM9T (96%), LX TM8V (80%) and the LX TM8T (80%).  The single-stage models include the: LX TM9X (95.5%) and the LX TM8X (80%).  The 97% efficient LX Series TM9M gas furnace is a modulating furnace like the top of the line Affinity models.

The York Latitude Series offers affordability without sacrificing quality. These single-stage furnaces include the Energy Star rated Latitude TG9S (95.5%) and the Latitude TG8S (80%) furnace that is a good choice in warmer climates where saving on equipment costs is important.

York Gas Furnace Prices

One of our purposes is to bring you York gas furnace prices so you can compare them to other brands and models. The York lineup is priced competitively with those from Trane, Carrier, American Standard, Amana, Lennox and other top brands. You’ll pay more for higher efficiency and higher performance, and you’ve got model and price options based on your priorities.

York Gas Furnace Reviews

To help you identify the best option for your home, we review many of these York furnaces.  See our current library of gas furnace reviews and check back often because we consistently add new reviews or York and other brand furnaces.  These reviews will assist you in making an informed decision as you choose the solution to your home’s heating needs.


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