Rheem has a history of making quality, reliable heating and cooling equipment that goes back to the 1940s. The current lineup of Rheem gas furnaces gives homeowners options. You can choose high-efficiency models with performance features like staged heating and variable-speed blowers.  If you want to spend less on equipment and still get good energy savings, single-stage models offer that.  You can see an overview of the entire product lineup below.  We review many Rheem gas furnaces so that you can see learn about their efficiency, features and price.  Here is a list of our latest Rheem gas furnace reviews: [catlist = 16]

The Rheem Company

Founded by the Rheem brothers in the 1930s, the company first made hot water heaters before expanding into the furnace industry.  Later, in the 1960s, Rheem was on the forefront of making affordable, effective central air conditioning for homes. Along the way, Rheem acquired Ruud, another top manufacturer of residential heating and air conditioning equipment. Today, Rheem gas furnaces are respected as quality products that provide good value through reasonable pricing.

Rheem Gas Furnaces

Rheem makes 3 series of gas furnaces with slightly descending performance and also descending price.  Here’s an overview of what is offered. See our gas furnace reviews for reviews of specific models.

Rheem Prestige Series: This is the top of the line.  There’s no furnace with a modulating gas valve – the new trend in innovation – but these models have 2-stage heat and variable-speed blowers.  That combination works more quietly and gently than single-stage models.  They produce balanced temperatures and good humidity control.  You’ll find high-efficiency models up to 96% efficient, a good fit for cold climates and for those who want green technology.  Models with 80% efficiency are a cost-effective choice for milder climates. The Rheem Prestige models include the Rheem RGGE, RGFG,  and RGJF, all 96% efficient.  The Rheem Prestige RGLE and RGPE are 80% models.

Rheem Classic Series: The diversity in this series gives you choices – all of very good quality.  For better efficiency and climate control, the 2-stage models with variable-speed blower are better.  These include the Rheem Classic RGRM and the RGTM, both 95% efficient. Other 95% efficient models with a 2-speed fan that reduces cold blasts at the start of the cycle include the Rheem Classic RGRK, RGRL and the RGTK. The Rheem Classic RGRA/RGRB, RGTA, RGTC, and RGRC are single-stage, 95% efficient models. For moderate climates, the Rheem Classic RGLQ, RGPQ, RGLT, RGLS, RGPS and the RGPT are 80% efficient furnaces that offer good value.

Rheem Value Series: Just right for those who want to spend less for equipment and still get a decent furnace, these single-stage models come in 2 efficiency levels. The Rheem Value RGRS, RGRT and RGTS are 93% efficient furnaces while the Rheem Value RGLS and RGPS offer 80% efficiency.

Rheem Gas Furnace Prices

As you would expect, the Rheem Prestige Series are the most expensive, followed by Rheem Classic and Rheem Value furnaces.  In each series, the more efficient furnaces will cost more.  You’ve got options as you decide which furnace best meets your budget or your demands for indoor comfort.  In our Rheem gas furnace reviews, you’ll find pricing you can use as you shop and compare gas furnaces.

Rheem Gas Furnace Reviews

When you want to compare various Rheem furnaces or evaluate Rheem side by side with other brands, our gas furnace reviews make it easy.  Having all these furnace reviews in one place is convenient and saves you time.  The level of detail we provide about every furnace we review gives you the information you need to make the right decision for your next gas furnace.

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